Renting or buying heavy equipment online seems to be a thing now. Online options make sense in lots of ways, considering the year we've had. It also gives busy people that option of looking into equipment at a time that works for them.

Here at Conquest, we are contemplating the online rental world. We see the pros and the cons, but at the end of the day, we want to find the balance between offering convenience and working with real people.

Here are 5 reasons we think that online heavy equipment sales or rentals will always need the human element:

1) Sometimes plans change.

The needs of a big project can change in a blink. Many factors can hold a project up. It could be the weather, or permits, etc. You know, it happens. You have peace of mind knowing we are here to help. You can call or text and we will work with you around whatever the circumstance is. We understand your need for flexibility.

2) Websites don’t always know what we know.

Keeping our website up to date is a top priority around here. We know that customers take the time to do research to find out pricing or availability before they call.

There are times, though, when we can connect a seller and a buyer before a unit ever gets the chance to be on our website. That is because we spend time getting to know our customers and often know when a particular unit is needed somewhere.

We also know when equipment is coming in or going out and where it is at. You may well learn that a unit is coming in early, and it is available to you for use.
And if the piece of equipment you want/need isn’t available, we may know where else to get one. It is one of the great things about the network we have built. 

3) A website doesn’t always answer your questions.

Our website has A LOT of information to help you make purchasing decisions. It allows you to do some research and get to know us. But there are always a few questions that can’t be answered by a website. For instance, scheduling is something we work with customers all the time on. Talking to a person gives you that peace of mind that the unit you need will be on time, in the right place or even that the right kind of trailer shows up for unloading – making your life a little easier in the end.

Communicating with customers to meet their needs is one of those things our team does best!

4) We can tailor to your needs…RPO, rental, financing.

Our team takes the time to get to know YOU and understand what you are wanting to do.

For instance, you know you have project coming up. It’s not big enough to consider buying a compactor. But you know there is another job you bid on that is long-term and you will need to buy if that opportunity goes ahead.

Well, why don’t we start with a rental and then if the project you bid on pans out, let’s roll it into an RPO. See how that works? You get the best option to make your project work for you now and later.

5) We enjoy getting to know our customers.

It’s true.

We enjoy getting to know the people we work with, whether it is on the phone or an in-person catch up. We learn a lot from our customers about the industry and problems companies are facing. Understanding our customers is the guiding force behind what we do.

In the end…

We were a little torn on the whole online option at first, but it seems to be the way of things these days. Combining a great online experience with great in person experience will be the direction we are going. Conquest Equipment will always be a people-first kind of company, and to do that we will have to consider expanding our online options.

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