Matching A Hydraulic Breaker To The Right Machine

Properly combining hydraulic breakers with an appropriate excavator or carrier is a crucial part of ensuring safety and productivity on your job site, as well as getting the most out of your equipment investment. 

Below are some tips to help you match a breaker to the right machine.

Check the Carrier and Breaker Specs

Obviously, you need the right size excavator or other carrier with the capabilities to handle the hydraulic breaker attachment used. This includes choosing a carrier with sufficient hydraulic power to meet the demands of the job. Also, review the carrier’s operating and tipping weight, lift capacity, arm and boom length, and hydraulic flow characteristics.

If you use a breaker that’s too big or heavy for the carrier, the carrier is subjected to excessive wear and tear. This can greatly affect performance and the life of the machine over time. It’s also highly unsafe for the operator of the excavator and any other workers in the immediate vicinity.

Additionally, be mindful of the potential for undue wear on breakers if they aren’t operated by a carrier with suitable hydraulic flow characteristics. It’s true that the newer generation of hydraulic breakers have fewer moving parts and components than earlier models—and this does make them considerably more durable—but an appropriate carrier match still matters.

Use and Maintain the Right Coupler

A breaker attachment should be easy for the operator to attach and operate. Be sure that the carrier has the right coupler for the attachment. The right coupler ensures ease of use and that breaking tasks are accomplished safely and efficiently.

Today’s quality quick-couplers are a great investment, even allowing operators to attach breakers to the carrier without getting out of the machine’s cab. However, it’s still important to check the connections and surrounding areas for any buildup that might interfere with attachment or operations, or cause damage to the carrier.

Maintenance Is Essential

Regular preventive maintenance and service is essential to safe and efficient hydraulic breaker attachments and carriers, as well as to extending their life as long as possible. Always follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule. Keep in mind that this is usually influenced by operating hours, so check the manual for each machine and attachment.

Sticking to the maintenance intervals with help to ensure that proper tolerances are kept up on tool bushings and other common wear items on breaker attachments. Proper care and maintenance of a breaker will also reduce the wear on the bushings and pins on the carrier and increase the overall life of the machine.

Also, make sure all operators are well acquainted with the weight restrictions and other requirements for the breakers and carriers they use. It’s crucial to machine stability and worker safety.

Talk to Your Dealer

All the information you need can be found in machine and attachment manuals, but there’s no substitute for the knowledge and advice of highly trained, experienced dealer employees. Talk to your dealer about the best hydraulic breaker and carrier matches for your specific job.

At Conquest, we have the know-how to ensure you’re working with equipment that maximizes safety, productivity, and profit. Call us at 855.483.2500 for more information on choosing the right breaker and carrier for your job.

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