Thank Goodness for Silver Linings and Our New Service Department


This past year has been one for the books. It has been strange in a lot of ways and eye opening in others. Most of all it has been tough on people and on businesses.

People are the cornerstone that Conquest Equipment has built its values on. We realized right away, as things got crazy this past year, that our people needed to come first.

Where we live, our customers have not only been affected by the pandemic, but they have also been affected by a down-turn in oil and carbon tax among other things, ourselves included. It was a perfect, yet unfortunate storm. 

Chatting on the phone and going to see customers, when we were able, sure kept us positive and hopeful and we are incredibly grateful to all that continued to work with us and kept in contact.

It has been a year of witnessing frustration but, also a year of seeing people innovate. There are lots of examples of companies that saw a need and stepped up to fill those needs.

And while 2020 was challenging, we did manage to find some silver linings and keeping in touch with customers was a big part of that.

Our Service Expansion

Another silver lining to the past year was that we were able to take the opportunity to expand our service department capabilities.

Conquest Equipment has had an in-house shop since the beginning and our heavy-duty mechanics have kept our rental fleet up and running for years. We trust them to get the job done and now we are looking forward to bringing their top-notch skills to you. We are happy to announce that our service department is available to help you with any of your repair needs.

The Conquest shop also offers some unique services like line boring and custom attachment fabrication. If you aren’t familiar with what line boring is, go and check out this video

Long story short, we are incredibly grateful to be a part of a community and industry that works together through tough times. And we look forward to continuing to be a part of that innovation for years to come.

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