Tips For Buying A Used Skid Steer

Skid steers are a very popular piece of equipment because of their power and versatility.

Having said that, not everyone can afford a new one and buying used is a great option for many. In this blog, we provide some useful tips that will help you find a skid steer loader that works for you.

Do Some Brand Research

When you are buying a used skid steer, you should start by researching each brand. Find out how expensive the replacement parts are and if they are readily available. If parts are hard to come by, even if the cost is reasonable, it could cost more in the long run because of the down-time while waiting for parts to arrive. You should also consider the cost of replacement tires, they will need to be replaced at some point.

Look for Machines Used Only Part-Time

Typical full-time use for a skid steer is about six hours per day, or 30 hours a week. A skid steer that is worked part-time usually runs about 15 hours a week. A 2-year old skid steer with 1,500 hours on it hasn't been worked full-time. A piece of equipment with fewer hours will have a much longer remaining lifetime.

Larger Horsepower Machines Last Longer

The larger a machine is, the longer it can go without needing a total engine overhaul. Generally, an 80 HP machine won't need an engine overhaul until it has over 8,000 hours. However, a 40 HP machine typically needs an overall after 4,000 hours.

Find Out How The Machine Has Been Used

Older machines with fewer hours will generally be a better deal than newer machines with more hours. Newer machines with more hours have likely been worked extremely hard and have a lot more wear and tear. Also, a skid steer that is used on a farm or for snowplowing doesn't experience the same level of wear and tear as a machine that has been used in construction.

Whether you buy new or used, a skid steer is a big investment. Make sure you do some background research on brands and try to find a machine that has only been used part-time. Contact a member of our team for further information or check out some sales and rental options here:

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