We are able to offer a range of reliable pipelayers and padders, guaranteed to meet your construction needs. Working on a large-scale pipeline project? We've got you covered.

Our listed pipeline equipment features well-maintained, often cost-effective options from reputable brands, including Ozzies, CAT and Deere. Explore our selection.

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2017 Ozzies Mini Pipeline Padder, 1450 HRS, STK# 71228
1965 CAT D4 Pipelayer, STK# 71265
2015 CAT D6N PLC Pipelayer, 3224 HRS, STK# 72104
1981 CAT 571G Pipelayer, 11,200 HRS, STK# 70489
2013 CAT PL61 Pipelayer, 2418 HRS, STK# 72109
1997 Deere 550G LGP IV Pipelayer, 9286 HRS, STK# 71736
2010 Deere 700J LGP Pipelayer, 5800 HRS, STK# 72078
Midwestern Pipe Hoist, STK# 72170