We understand that sometimes a project calls for flexibility in your options for renting equipment. We have developed our rental model based on what our customers' needs are and have been.  

Give us a call to discuss what will work best for you.


Short term rental icon

Short Term Rentals:

When you need equipment for:

  • a one-off project
  • a machine in your fleet is out for repair
  • you just need one more machine to finish up a project on time.

Short-term rentals are from a week up to two months. We typically don't offer rent under a week but let us know your situation - perhaps we can help.



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Long Term Rentals:

We consider long-term rental anything over 3 months.

  • Long-term rental commitments receive discounted rates dependent on the length
  • Rent a machine long term in order to guarantee usage of a machine throughout your working season
  • Option to roll long term rentals over into RPO



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Rent to Own (RPO):
Rent to own is a great option to help with cash flow and offers great flexibility when starting a project.

We understand that sometimes jobs can be fluid and things can change fast.

  • Allows up front cashflow
  • Rent is put towards the purchase of the machine when/if you are ready to purchase
  • Gets you a machine when you just aren't sure what long-term looks like.



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