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Equipment Rental: Mark of Quality - Assurance of Service

Our exclusive Asset Management Program — AMP Advantage — delivers our mark of quality and assurance of service. You get the right compact and heavy construction equipment when you need it, with terms that work for you.




We make it easy to buy from us! Purchase the way you want, on terms that work best for you. 

  1. Outright purchase or straight rental

  2. Rent to own, a portion of rent goes toward the purchase

  3. Short-term finance, 6 months or less

  4. Long-term finance or lease, over 6 months




Equipment rentals and sales with free shipping! Save on freight! Many of our machines qualify for free shipping programs. Be sure to enquire when you buy. 

  1. Free freight on large equipment purchases within 600 mi/1000 km

  2. Free or discounted freight on small equipment and attachments, depending on sales total

  3. Free freight on rentals, one way or both ways, depending on rental terms




Do you have equipment to sell? Call us today to get it sold.

  1. Free advertising of customer's equipment on our website, online ads, machinery marketplaces and other marketing avenues

  2. We leverage our 20 + years of in-depth equipment expertise to negotiate the best deals for our customers


  u.s. Export / import assistance


We have extensive experience with cross-border logistics and transactions. We can help you ship equipment easily with no broker or border hassles. Additionally, the equipment can be shipped directly to your location with no hidden fees or taxes.

Let us help you ship accross the border today, hassle free!


    personalized service


We've worked hard for more than 20 years to establish ourselves as a leading supplier of  heavy construction equipment in Western Canada and USA. Our pledge is to make doing business with us simple and easy.

Fast quotes, fast freight - let's do business together soon!




We offer various types of warranty depending on the machine being purchased. These may include:

  1. Factory Warranty

  2. Aftermarket Warranty

  3. Conquest In-House Warranty