10 Reasons To Buy A Bomag Compactor

Using the right construction equipment can improve the efficiency of your organization and a soil compactor will help you get better results. Bomag equipment is both reliable and dependable and their soil compactor is too! 

With outstanding safety and better traction, there are many advantages to owning a Bomag compactor.

1. Clean Outcomes
The innovative scrapper system on this compactor makes for clean tools and constant compaction. This cutting-edge system also increases traction efficiency. In addition to providing you with clean outcomes, they provide you with high-quality results.

2. Easy Maintenance
This piece of equipment features a one-piece hood that makes regular maintenance twice as convenient. This platform is easy to reach, which helps reduce servicing times. Faster daily checks mean enhanced efficiency. High availability is another advantage of these machines. They feature high intake as well as reverse intake, which reduces cleaning.

3. Outstanding Optional Features
The wide selection of optional features is another bonus. Having a variety of features to choose from makes it easy to customize your machine to meet your requirements. Some of the features include a central lubrication system and toolkit. You can also customize the cabin to provide a better work environment for the operator, including options such as CD-Radio and pre-start cabin heating. Other options include a protective grille and a cold-start device.

4. Superior Traction
Bomag soil compactors are equipped with an oscillation articulated joint which allows it to easily adapt to different surfaces, resulting in perfect traction for every situation.

5. Exceptional Features
Some Bomag soil compactors offer electronic engine management as well as a multi-fuel filter system. It also boasts a noise and vibration-insulated cab with heating and air-conditioning.

6. Efficiency and Durability
Advanced chilled-casting caps on this equipment boost service life, which effectively reduces downtime, reducing operating costs. These compactors can be used to enhance the efficiency of spreading and soil compaction on construction sites and are suitable for both mixed and cohesive soils. They can also be easily adjusted on site which makes increases efficiency. The selection of wheels and dozer blades means they can be easily modified for the best results.

7. Intelligent Design
These compactors are designed to perform two tasks that are carried out separately, both spreading and compacting by one operator. This means improved quality and a 10% volume reduction. This setup also prevents problems that can occur with communication misunderstandings.

8. Enhanced Safety
Bomag compactors offer safe operation in addition to excellent results. The compacted sections are easy to navigate, which results in less jammed vehicles. Optional features include a rotary beacon and a fire extinguisher. Additional safety is offered by the protective ventilation system, optional LED headlights for improved visibility and an electrical anti-theft system.

9. Advanced Compaction Concept
The Bomag compactor comes with a cutting-edge compaction concept. The scrapers are equipped with tooth wheels for clean working. Better cleanliness means better compaction and traction. 

10. Efficient Cooling System
All Bomag construction equipment comes with reliable, high-performance engines. Its performance is enhanced by the SCR exhaust after treatment. This eliminates the need for regeneration cycles. Speed controlled cooler means decreased power consumption and better fuel economy.

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