5 Bulldozer Questions Answered

Also known as dozers, bulldozers are found on pretty much every mining and construction site in the world. Today we answer some questions about how they are used, how they work and a bit about their origins.

Where, When and Why The Bulldozer Was Invented

The first bulldozer prototype was powered by a goat - who knew? Designed in 1713 in France by M. D'Hermand, it was a trailer with crawler treads that was pulled by goats. However, like many other crawler tread designs in this era, this design never made it past the prototype stage.

Alvin Lombard designed a steam-powered log hauler in 1901. This unit was designed with crawler treads to improve traction in the snow. While these designs were intended to be powered by steam, they were actually steered by horses. They stayed this way until a steering wheel and sled system was added to the machine.

The bulldozer design we know today came to fruition through the work of Benjamin Holt and his crawler tractors. Crawler treads were added to keep the tractors from sinking in soft soil. After this, many companies began to implement crawler treads to their tractor design and bulldozers because more commonplace.

What is a Bulldozer Used For?

There are multiple applications for a bulldozer. Most dozers have a blade at the front and a ripper at the back. The blade moves material from one place to another. The ripper does exactly what it sounds like: rips up the ground to make it easier to work with or transport. This combination can be used for grading or to prepare hard ground for planting. Multiple attachments can be added to use a bulldozer for many other types of work.

How Does a Bulldozer Work?

A bulldozer's continuous tracks are what make it special. The track design allows it to float over soft drown by distributing the weight of the machine. This allows it to function successfully in areas where wheeled machines would either have difficulty moving around or get stuck. Tracks also provide the traction needed to push material with the blade or rip up hard surfaces using the ripper.

Can You Remove Stumps with a Bulldozer?

Yes, you can, depending on a few variables. Stumps that weigh hundreds of pounds need a powerful dozer. Excavators are considered a better solution for stump removal, they can loosen the soil around the stump to ease the removal process. Backhoes are also recommended because they can get under the stump for leverage.

What is the World's Biggest Bulldozer?

The world's largest production bulldozer is the Komatsu D575A at 1,110 hp, 300,000 pounds, 40 feet long and 16 feet high. This impressive machine first appeared in a 1981 ConExpo and actually went into production 10 years later. The Komatsu D575A is mainly used in the mining industry. This bulldozer is available in two models: the D575A-3 dozer and ripper, and the D575A-SD Super Dozer.

Bulldozers are an essential component of many industries, including mining, construction, and forestry. With so many attachments available, they have many different uses. Small wonder they are so popular today. Reach out to us today, for any bulldozer-related questions!

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