How Rebuilds Can Save You Money

Did you know most equipment is designed so it can be rebuilt? Learning more about rebuilds can serve to prolong the life of your equipment and save your company money.

When buying a piece of equipment, you need to plan to make it last as long as possible and maintain a low cost per hour to operate. Nearly 90% of all equipment failures can be prevented with the right planning. Fixing your machine after a failure can cost you more than double the cost of regular maintenance and repair.

If you are considering a rebuild, you need to find out whether you need a CPT (Certified Power Train) Rebuild, a CPT Plus (Certified Powertrain Plus Hydraulics) Rebuild, or a CCR (Cat Certified Rebuild).  After this has been determined, you can calculate the costs of rebuilding versus the cost of buying new.

Deciding to go with a rebuild can vary depending on how long you plan to keep using the machine, the availability of a new machine, and the current value of the machine before a rebuild.

Since most large and medium equipment is designed to be rebuilt, you usually have the choice to buy new or rebuild. If you are thinking of rebuilding your equipment, you should consider whether it’s the right option for your business based on the type of machine in question and how many hours are on it.

For the most part, knowing and following factory recommendations for maintenance and keeping good service records will help ensure maximum equipment lifetime.

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