Tow Behind Compactors

Tow behind pneumatic tire compactors (also referred to as Wobbly tow behind rollers, rubber-tired rollers, ballast packer rollers, etc.) are used on small-to-medium size soil compaction jobs, primarily on bladed, granular base materials.

They can also be used as a finishing compactor after a vibratory drum compactor completes compaction of the lift.

Pneumatic, or rubber-tire, rollers used with the drum compactors in certain applications provide contractors with a better base before paving, achieve a better density or compaction and improve the look of the finished product.

Pneumatic tire compactors are best suited for sealing the surface, special applications such as compaction of thin lifts, or special requirements dictated by the job.

An advantage of pneumatic tire compactors is that they can be used on soil and asphalt which means a roadbuilding contractor can use one compactor for multiple stages of construction.

How Pneumatics Work

The compactive forces (pressure and manipulation) generated by the rubber tires work from the top of the lift down to produce density.

The amount of force can be varied by altering the tire pressure or by changing the weight of the ballast. The body of the roller may be ballasted with water or sand, or for extra compaction wet sand is used.

On 13-wheel compactors, the front six tires on the compactor will rut the material, and along in the back, there are seven back tires that will fit around the six tires. The situation is such that there is pressure on the material by rutting the material, then the back is counter-rutting. This manipulation effect brings density and stiffness to the material.

The kneading action with the tires helps seal and smooth the compacted surface.

Wobbly Pneumatic Tire Compactors

Conquest Attachments' Wobbly pneumatic tire compactors are the proven industry leader for soil, aggregate and asphalt compaction across Western Canada and the US.

There are a few specialties with the Wobbly pneumatic rollers that provide for better compaction and simple application for the operator.

The Wobbly rollers have easy to clean out bodies; dumping materials out takes less time and requires less effort. Also, with removable axles underneath, the bodies can be stacked which means freighting is optimized.

The front hitch on Wobbly compactors is adjustable and can be fixed in to positions with a pin. The adjustable hitch positioning allows for easier storage and hook-up on other machines. The back of the compactor also has a hitch for multi-unit towing.

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