We make selling your surplus heavy equipment headache free

Selling equipment can be complicated and frustrating. Often, we hear from customers that they do not have time to get their surplus equipment listed and sold or that they don’t want to deal with the whole process. So, we offered to help.

In the beginning, we simply helped guys sell pieces here and there. Then people start spreading the word by telling others, “Hey, Conquest helped us out by selling a dozer we had.” or something to that effect. We then started getting more inquiries on selling used equipment.

We quickly realized that helping people sell their excess machines was within our wheelhouse. We have an experienced team of sales reps that know what they are talking about, along with our extensive network of buyers. Add those two elements together and it was a no brainer.

Our broker program exploded into existence.

Advantages to Selling Through Conquest vs Selling at Auction.

The things we heard most often from guys in the industry was at auction they didn’t get the price they wanted. And on top of that, they had the cost of shipping the equipment to the auction site and then had to pay additional fees.

Here at Conquest Equipment, we sell on your behalf. Think of us as negotiators working to get you the best deal. You list your unit with us by getting us your machines info, history and asking price and we take we take it from there.

No freight for you to deal with, no extra fees and you control the price.

How Does the Conquest Connect Program Work?

You call us and give us the information we need to list your equipment – make, model, service history/records and photos. If we are able, we will come and take the photos for you. If not, we have a detailed guide for you to follow so you get the best results. An inspection of the machine may be required as well.

In the meantime, your unit can stay right where it is until it is sold.

Your machine will be advertised (for free) in several places. First it goes on our website. We also put ads out on several heavy equipment websites including Market Book, Supply Post and Machinio to expand the reach of your ad.

When an offer comes in, we bring it to you first. You decide on the deal and if negotiating is required, we take that on for you, and nothing goes forward without your approval.

Once the deal is done, again we take it from there. We arrange pick-up and delivery of the machine to its new home. You don’t have to worry about invoicing, freight, collecting funds - we handle it all.

Sounds too Good to Be True!

Maybe. But we don’t think so.

Our customers are important and the easier we can make your, life the better. At the end of the day, it is all about you!

Of course, we would love to do this work out of the goodness of our hearts, and to an extent we do because people are at the core of every transaction. That said, we are still a business. What we do is take your asking price and mark it up reasonably and then get it sold. There are no hidden fees.

OK, So What Do I Have to Commit Too?

Nothing. You can use our service at no risk to you. You are not required to put money down or sign a contract. If you have a machine you think you need to list and sell, then suddenly need to put it back to work. That is fine, we get it, that is sometimes how the industry goes.

We want your selling experience to be a smooth as possible. Let us do the leg work and free up your time so you can focus on your business.

Key ReasonS to Sell with Conquest Equipment:

  • No upfront fees or hidden costs
  • Free Advertising
  • Extensive network of buyers
  • You have peace of mind
  • You are in control of the price
  • No freight to deal with

Give us a call or shoot us a message and let’s get your equipment listed and sold!

Learn More about Conquest Connect.

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